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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 22, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> new developments in just the last few minutes in the three decades old case in the case of a missing boy. one of the first children ever to appear on a milk carton. >> have you seen hits happening in the hockey play offs? this one sent a player to the hospital and another to a bench for 25 games. and the best way for some people to get through the workday may
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be a frosty beverage. now some employers are saying drink up -- on the job. >> no evidence of human remains. now that we are just coming in just a couple of hours after the fbi suspended operations for the day. they said they will be back tomorrow. however, the fbi and the new york police department not saying anything on the record about this. but this is what sources tell us. don, we had some indications of some activity going on today that something had changed because at one point, they
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removed all the tents that had been covering the basement entrance to where the digging has been going on and they put a van up behind us to block our view of what was going on. they did say however that they will be back on scene tomorrow morning to continue operations. this is exclusive of the information that we reported earlier about a possible bloodstain that we are checking out now. we learned that a piece of cement wall that had been dug out during a part of this excavation had a suspicious stain on it. they discovered this when the fbi was using a spray that can detect the presence of blood. they don't know for sure whether it is so they removed that chunk of the wall containing the stain and they are taking it to the fbi's main crime lab in virginia
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for further analysis to determine if that stain is blood and who it belongs to. >> we were talking about a 6-year-old who disappeared in 1979 on his way to school. it was the first time his parents were going to let him walk to the bus by himself. etan ended up to be the first kid to wind up on the back of a milk carton. the intense search some 30 years later apparently has turned up nothing according to sources. they have not found any human remains or any remains at all. we are learning more information about a bloodstain that they are sending to the fbi lab. possible bloodstain. and they will be back tomorrow to search more for etan hates. the 6-year-old who disappeared
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in 1969. thank you very much. in the meantime, an intense search, i should say, in is underway in arizona for a second straight day. police are looking for this 6-year-old girl. her parents say they last saw her at bedtime on friday night. the family does not seem to have any troubles at home. >> senator joe lieberman promises there will be congressional hearings of the secret service prosecution scandal. the chairman says they will cover much more than just what happened in colombia. >> my hearings are going be about what happened before that. is there any reason that director sullivan should have known that there was a problem of behavior when they were on duty or on assignment. >> let's get to washington and lisa sill vester. a white house should be investigating its personnel who were down there.
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is this a real concern right now? >> don, i can tell you that the white house spokesman has said that all indications are that this scandal involved only the agents and military personnel. he is criticizing those who are trying to politicize the issue. but the fact is lawmakers on both sides of the isle they want to know how far this goes and how wide it goes. there are two hearings one with the senator and the other with the house. in addition, the head of the secret service they are conducting a thorough review. that investigation is focused on 12 secret service agents, six of whom have since resigned as well as 11 members of the u.s. military. >> some in congress say maybe part of the problem is that the secret service is made up mostly of men? >> this was an issue that actually came up. we had senator susan collins and carolyn maloney who have brought
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up this very same point that perhaps this all cough been avoided if there were more women within the agency. >> i can't help but wonder if there had been more women as part of that detail if this would have happened. >> one thing i asked him is how many women are on the force? 11% of the agents are women. we agree on this. if there were more agents on the ground maybe we would not have had this. >> so you heard that there, only 11% are women. we will see if more agents might step down. >> there are no hearings about the scandal schedule yet. can you take us forward and tell us what to expect? >> it's one of the things that
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we want to know. >> how far does this go beyond hang out? what happened before that? has -- have we seen anything like this before? those are the questions that we will try to get at. >> a report says walmart in mexico used bribes to speed up store construction. that's illegal and walmart says this does not reflect what the company stands for. executives allegedly paid out $24 million. cnn could not confirm the details in the times report but we are checking on it. >> on the brink of death, a member of the beegees shocks
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it is crack the code on the u.s. spy plan it captured last september. they tried to prove to the pentagon that they weren't lying by saying they knew the plane had flown over osama bin laden's hide-out. u.s. has asked for the plane back. the cease fire -- 19 people died. fighting stops only when un monitors arrive in town.
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here is the latest. >> despite a unanimous vote by the u.n. security council authorizing military monitors, dozens have been killed over the weekend. on sunday, residents of the city woke up to more shouting according to activists. activists report that no sooner than u.n. observers leave, a location violence erupts. one citizen pleaded for observers to stay.
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>> so far in order to monitor the imp lem tags of the u.n. backed cease fire and the conflict torn syrian province. however with more than 9,000 people killed according to the un, wounds are too deep. this woman has lost one of her children and is pleading for help just as observers are getting ready for their 90 ta mission. a phrase of ten repeated, rallying against the syrian regime. cnn, abudabi. >> thank you very much. and then there were two.
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one of the most closely watched elections in decades is headed towards a run-off. supporters of socialist holland cheered his showing in france's presidential race. early results put him ahead with over 30% of the vote. that is a stunning lead over the incumbent. >> new information about singer robin gibb. they thought he wouldn't survive. robin and his brothers formed the hit 70's group the beegees. he was in a coma battling pneumonia. he is still on anti-biotics and is still extremely weak. doctors call his prognosis uncertain.
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controversial right now. the recent comment that he would rather be dead or in jail if president obama is re-elected. he was only the opening act and the army says they may or may not replace him. >> six agents have already fallen including two soup visors and this is likely just the beginning here. lawmakers and advisors seem to agree on one thing. mark is sullivan has done a great job. he is running a thorough investigation and they have total faith in his anbilities. >> i have faith in director sullivan. >> the president thinks he is the right man to get to the bottom of this and make the changes that are necessary. >> he should keep his job? >> yes. >> i spoke to director sullivan last night and he is doing a thorough investigation. >> do you still have confidence in him? >> i do at this point. i have full faith in sullivan. >> i want to bring in lz grant
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and lenny, a writer and radio host. let's start with -- lz i will start with you. all of these people, will they have to eat their words about sulliv sullivan? >> i would hope not. i think that what you saw were people trying to rally behind someone who is a little bit embattled right now, in a position where he has the person people's trust. you have got show support. but at the same time, come on. we have just seen this script over and over again. >> i can understand it but he has been blind sided. if this is a culture that is permeated and something that has been tolerated and brushed over previously, then i can understand. but putting ourselves in his shoes, you are trying to run a tight ship.
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you are basically protecting the most valuable commodity that the united states has which is the leader of the free world. and this type of scandal lands on your desk and you are reacting to it all, it is a lot better to co-eles around it initially. i am glad that we are doing this and i am hoping this works out where director sullivan can continue to get to the right thing. >> you are the conservative and lz you are the liberal and it looks like you guys flipped. all right. whatever. let's talk about mitt romney.
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>> if you go back to when the w came into existence. you are not looking at the last name as much as the first name. i think a lot of people really believe in the governing prowess of jed bush. if you are mitt romney and you're going to to go florida you have got go with rubio. bush, the last name is a problem. i think sit a little play by rubio to throw us off the trail. >> they think his appeal is
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basically limited to southern florida and not to latinos and hispanics overall in the rest of the country. and the more interesting candidate or a candidate who may have the experience and may be a better fit would be bush. >> well, true. that's a valid point but at the same time, governor bush in the presidential slot may be a stronger candidate than governor romney which is why they were trying to push bush into the race. you don't want to have a situation like we had where the vp slot overpowers the presidential slot. one thing we still haven't heard that wednesday evening speech. remember what sarah palin did. they really turned on the conservatives. if the senator would accept the nomination and gave one whale of a speech, that might be enough to get the support to go from southern florida up throughout
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florida. and maybe spread throughout the country. those are a lot of positive traits that he can bring if he is able to fire people up. usually you don't get that until the wednesday night speech. >> let's move on to the spending scandal. lots of talk about who is to blame here. >> it is unfair to blame barack obama. although people think he controls the executive branch, no one controls the executive branch. >> listen, don't blame the president or the administration on that. is it really unfair to blame the president? is he letting himself get stained by this scandal? >> he is getting stained by the scandal. the bureaucratic branch of government has become the unofficial fourth branch of a
3:23 pm
three branch form of government that we have in the united states and this is the problem with it. people get so far detached from voters and they can't be voted out of office. you get to a point in time where they feel they are invincible. they do these things and like they said previously, you end up spending $1 million on what ends up being a party. the president is going to have to balance this out politically. it's hopeful for the president's sake that he can avoid that. of course the conservatives are going to say listen. this is just part of the narrative of waisting money under the bam administration. >> back to my question and i will add to that. should the president be stronger? come out and focus stronger on listen this is something that happened that has been going on before? is he letting himself become stained by this when he really
3:24 pm
doesn't have to? >> he can definitely be stronger against it. it's an election year. it doesn't matter what he says. republicans are going to paint it as his responsibility. everything that is going to be troubling for americans is going to be pointed back to president obama. one thing he can't do is say this has been happening before me. the economy happened before me, gas prices before me. i don't think he can take that rout. he needs to come out and say this is wrong and try to push forward. he can't get too caught up in trying to wash his hands clean of this totally. it's going play against him i believe. >> that has a ring to it. look out. you're out of here. >> all right. guys.
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thank you. the three ls. alliteration and everything. we like that. see you later. >> your top stories are next including new developments in the last few minutes in the three decade old case of one of the first kids to appear on a milk carton. there is a huge snowfall in the forecast for the northeast. first this. >> next sunday he talks to a man who is redefining radio. what people listen to and how they tune in. >> you don't see a lot of people lining up to reinvent radio. >> there are few things about my job that are intew tifr. >> he invented a new way to think about the oldest broadcast media.
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>> coming up on half past the hour now. a look at your headlines. >> we have just learned that no evidence of human remains has been found in new york in a basement there. fbi investigators suspended their search earlier today just hours after saying they discovered a possible bloodstain. they have been combing through the basement looking for clues in the 1979 disappearance of 6-year-old etan pates. >> and the white house is being
3:30 pm
urged to investigate any staffers who were down in colombia. france's president will need to run a run off in may. who finished with the most votes. many predict that he will have a hard time holding on to the presidency. to prove to washington they did this, military officials in tehran offered details they claim came from the plane. this includes a statement that it had flown over osama bin laden's hide-out. the pent gone has not commented on the claims. >> it says five cents but we will take that. gas prices are down a nickel, marking their first drop since december. a gallon of regular now costs 3.91 on average. chicago has the highest priced
3:31 pm
gas in the nation. the lowest? tulsa, oklahoma. >> melting and air pollution. that can give you a preview of everything that is going on when it comes to the weather but you know what? jackie, it is a lot and people need to pay attention because there are going to be inconveniences and delace. major delays occurring already and then we're talking snow and that snow will be moving in on top of trees. they are major concerns for
3:32 pm
power outages and the worst of the conditions not even movek in until overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. here is a system that we are talking about. area of low pressure way down here. that's why we will see rainfall totals pushing two to four inches. you may come across roads that will be covered in water. when we talk about interior parts the cold air is moving in behind the system. rain is going be transitioning into snow. you really need elevation or the influence of the lake to really getd the heavier snowfall totals so we will be watching off lake eerie to see some of the amounts that could be reaching near a foot. those will be reaching locally heavy. it will be a mess for travel. winds will be very strong. there you can see where we are
3:33 pm
looking at some of the heaviest of snowfall. already headaches. look at the airport. let me show you where you're at. more than two and a half to newark. >> and it's just starting. >> appreciate it. i have a sobering statistic. in one part of the world, women are more likely to be raped than learn how to read. coffee doesn't have vitamins... unless you want it to. splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweetener with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart ways to sweeten. same great taste.
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south africa will be watching closely this week as seven young men accused of rape make a court appearance. there was a video of the rape that went viral. the seven suspects appeared in
3:37 pm
court on thursday. police used the video to find them and make the arrests. details of the case are appalling. the victim is a 17-year-old girl who is reportedly mentally disable abled. on the video she can be heard begging them to stop. the most amazing thing about the case may be that it is going to court at all. rape is almost tolerated in south africa to an extent that is shocking. b this court case is horrific but the other stats are, too. >> the fact that this video went viral and garnered so much international attention has made it such a high profile case. most of these cases don't go to court and most of the victims are invisible and most of the time it is not even talked about. this in and of itself, the case,
3:38 pm
does bring up a very, very strong point. >> listen, how could these horrific rapes like this just be tolerated in the country. >> that's a great question. there is a lot of speculation as to why that is, right? there was a lot of violence that happened and a lot of that has been trickled down from decades of violence. that does not justify it or make it right why now are we seeing some 20 years later this violence continuing. when many of her attackers were younger. >> it's very different than american culture. >> that's a key point to mention. just this week we saw the president of south africa
3:39 pm
married a sixth wife. one died and one he divorced. the three other wives attended the wedding. that being said that would not fly with any politician it is a different culture and circumstance. >> we will be following that. >> big oil. the same whaens that are charging you are an e about to announce their earnings numbers. you will be surprised by that. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar,
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>> the big stories in the week ahead. we tell you everything you need to know. we begin tonight with the president's plans for the week. >> here at the white house and it's a busy week ahead for president obama. on monday he marks the holocaust days of remembrance. on tuesday he honors teachers at the white house before leaving town on a two-day trip. north carolina, colorado, and iowa, where he will press congress to stop interest rates from doubling. he and michelle obama meet with
3:43 pm
troops, vet vans and military families. wall street is in store for a slew of corporate earnings. all report as well as caterpillar apple and starbucks. and then on friday we will get the second reading of first quarter u.s. gdp that is the broadest measure of economic growth. we will see how the market responds to all of it. >> here is what we are watching this week. i am going one-on-one with "american idol" judge randy jackson. does he think his show can stay on top? and why were three judges from "america's next top model" fired? i will talk to all of them. be sure to watch "showbiz tonight." >> a lot of attention has been
3:44 pm
focused on the nfl but have you seen the hits happening on the nhl play offs? this one sent a player to the hospital and a player to the bench for 25 games. >> but first the best way to protect your money and credit cards may be to think like a thief. we enlisted an expert in pickpocketing to give us tips on the go. >> pickpockets are everywhere that tourists are. bob calls himself a pickpocket artist. he travels the world watching pickpockets and studying their techniques. >> the last thing in my mind was he is going grab my purse. >> never leave sight of your bag. >> he says the principle is simple. >> it is about distraction. get the victim to be having their guard down one way or the other. >> women's handbags are an easy
3:45 pm
target. >> have it high up into the armpit. if you have a strap it should go across the body. >> there are travel wallets you can wear under your clothing and out of reach. >> they are not interested in the cash they simply want the credit card. >> be aware in crowds like on trains. >> it is not an issue of being paranoid but reduces the options for the thief. >> don't let the pickpockets steal the fun when you're on the go. 's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network they're able to serve up live video, and instant replays, creating fans from berlin to beijing. what can we help you build? nice shot kid. the nba around the world built by the only company that could. cisco.
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>> all right. the fenway faithful call the park the game's cathedral.
3:48 pm
return. but the curse that began when the team traded babe ruth to the dreaded yankees returned if only for a day. new york beat boston 6-2 and history took a slap in the face. >> a pitcher most people have never heard of has achieved baseball immortality. we are here to talk about the major league's latest perfect game. there is the new cover of si right now. robert griffin iii. who is this guy who pitched a perfect game and could he have been a more unlikely candidate i should say? >> we're within our rights not to know much about this guy. he has been injured a lot. there have been 21 perfect games and if you look at the list
3:49 pm
there are a lot of no-names on there. it is one of the beauties of baseball. for one day anyone can capture lightning in a bottle. who knows if we will ever hear from him again. >> we don't talk hockey very often. is this worse than usual for hockey or does it just seem that way now for us? look at that. >> it really does seem worse this year. this has been an age old problem for hockey. what we have seen is indefensible. these are cheap shots. they don't have the puck. they are getting levelled and someone is really going to get hurt. you wonder you look at what you have mentioned before. the nfl dealt with the same scenario. the ratings are doing great and i think the violence it's not
3:50 pm
defen coincidental. the violence has been jarring so far. >> you said someone is obviously going to get hurt. do you think someone will get killed out there at the rate they are going? >> we talked last week. there is an animation film where someone does get killed. you look at these guys and how physical they are. they are head hunting going 35 miles an hour on skates and it's not going to end well. >> i'm just saying it's not good for the players. it's not part of the game or the lure. the lakers metta world peace, formerly ron artest, he threw this elbow and then got ejected. remember, metta world peace? this is not very peaceful. >> i was looking for his skates.
3:51 pm
there is something about seeing a guy named world peace getting thrown out of a game for violence. you have interviewed him and he is a complex individual and sometimes his bad instincts take over. this was 2004 all over again. this is what he said he wouldn't do. we will see how long he gets suspended. >> yeah. wow. >> with can we talk about something a lot more classy? a classy coach? the winningest coach in history doigsed with early on set alzheimers. what is her legacy? a good one? a good one? >> absolutely. this is an absolute top shelf basketball coach and motivator. we keep hearing about it.
3:52 pm
i don't qualify that by saying women's basketball. you mention her legacy. she is now the few face for early on et alzheimer's. her legacy is going be defined in how she deals with this disease going forward. that is what people are saying about us when we retire, we're doing something right. >> the nfl drft is on thursday. what's your draft order here? >> it looks like the first several picks are already pretty established. as you mentioned, rg3, really a lot of the rushl picks get made in the lower rounds. it's the tom bradys that teams can take fliers on. 24 draft getting televised will do better ratings than other
3:53 pm
sports post season. this is a huge top nick the sports world. >> thank you, sir. we will see. >> what if you could have a drink in the comfort of your own office in the middle of the day? some employers say go for it. cancel golf today. [siri] it's off your calendar. good, 'cause it's date night. find me a store that sells organic mushrooms for my risotto. [siri] this organic market looks pretty close to you. how many ounces in a cup? [siri] this might answer your question. oh, i knew that. and remind me in an hour to put the gazpacho on ice. [siri] here's your reminder. shall i create it? yeah...unless you like hotspacho. siri? [siri] sam. you can take the night off. [siri] if you say so.
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>> drinking on the job is typically looked down upon.
3:56 pm
martinis with lunch, bourbon with clients. it may be on the rise. i talked about it with human behavior expert. >> you know what's interesting is the week the study came out showing that just have one drink, just enough to keep your alcohol level below the drunk intoxicated level, you can be more creative and better at problem solving. that is your prefrontal cortex that you are making numb with your first drink and how do you stop yourself? >> i guess it's not a secret. they tell people when they're on the air to perform to have a glass of wine to loosen you up. is that -- does that do the same thing? >> relaxing your brain just a little bit can help make it more creative and better at problem solving. i am a writer. if i have one glass of wine i write great stuff. if i have two? if i have three, i write junk.
3:57 pm
>> you think you are writing good stuff but no so much. talking about more women than men are now in the american workplace. now women make more money and hold more university degrees. but this is bad news for women who want to be mothers. >> when women rise in power in a culture, sex becomes in high supply. when sex becomes in high supply, men are less likely to commit. why commit to one when you can text in a herd any night of the week. men are not committing. >> did you hear her say that? hold on. did you just say that? >> didn't we used to say why buy the cow when you get the milk in for free. now you can text in a herd any night of the week. one of the reasons why young men compete for assets and resources is so they can attain status and
3:58 pm
access to women. >> text in a herd. have we -- how do we come to solution to this? >> you might believe the solution is why can't women be single mothers? i'm a single mother and the statistics are not good. there are still worse outcomes and the answer is not telling women to quit their jobs, derail their education. it's about finding better family friendly policies in workplaces. women are hedging their bets. if i can't get a guy to sign up, then i'm going have to keep getting more education and keep working and before they know it their fertility window slams shut. one in five american women who want to have babies will not have them and that has gone up 80% in the last ten years. >> hello. getting close to the top of the
3:59 pm
hour. thank you so much for joining us. tonight we start with senator joe lieberman says congress will hold hearings over the prosecution scandal. they will look at colombia and all that led up to it, congressman peter king looks to the future. >> we have to find out what is going to be done to minimize the possibility of this ever happening again. i have great regard for the secret service. director sul van has done a fine job. you can't allow men like this to tarnish the great reputation of the agency. >> police are conducting their own investigation and drew, it seems that women at the center of this scandal -- a woman has gone underground. >> absolutely right. the police have expanded their inst